Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Islam fails the question "What is a Religion?"

The cult of islam fails several tests answering the question, "What is a religion?" - 1.Belief in supernatural beings (especially gods): The supernatural beings of islam are called jinn. They are not the muslim god and are not prayed to. Islam
fails this test.
 - 2.Sacred vs. Profane objects, places, times: Koran is regarded as sacred as are idols in the Sufi sect, offshoot of islam. (So much for monotheism). Kaaba is sacred, but is in the same
place and has same name as the pagan shrine dedicated to polytheistic gods. Islam “sort of” meets this test. - 3.Ritual acts focused on Sacred Objects, Places, Times: Call to prayer, visiting Mecca, etc. are ritual acts. Islam meets this test.
 - 4.Moral code with supernatural origins: Moral code based on mohammed, a person, not the islamic god. This is characteristic of a "cut," not a religion. Islam fails this test.
 - 5.Characteristically religious feelings: 
 Agree that muslims will possess and/or exibit “characteristically religious
feelings.” Sort of like the awe
felt when visiting Elvis Presley’s home, Graceland, in Tennessee. (This probably is not a test of religion
and should not be on the list.) - 6.Prayer and other forms of communication: Agree that muslims pray. Other
 forms of communication are definitely legalistic (i.e. – Sharia law) and
 social. Islam fails this test on purely secular grounds.
 - 7.A world view and organization of ones life based
on the world view:
 A muslim’s “world view” is supposedly based 
on the koran. Islam claims that the koran is the “unalterable” word of god. If that were so, then islam might be considered a
 religion. But it is mohammed’s
 word, not that of his allah, and it has been altered. In particular, the koranic claim to creation specifically 
states that the sun revolves around the earth. If an all-knowing deity had dictated the contents of the
 koran to mohammed, this error would not have occurred. The fact that it is there shows that
 the koran is just another book of fairy tales. And as to alteration, that occurred in the 8th or
 9th century long after mohammed’s lifetime. Refer to Atlantic 
Monthly, January 1999 for more information. Islam fails this test miserably. - 8.A social group bound together by the above: Oh, boy! Islam sure meets THIS test! But a social club still is not a religion.

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  1. Islam is a political ideology and not a religion. It should not be protected by the Constitution http://www.teapartytribune.com/2011/08/19/why-islam-is-not-protected-under-the-us-constitution/